Site surveys commissioned to inform design process

From the end of July, neighbouring residents are likely to see activity on the site of a proposed business park as initial surveys are undertaken. Some of the surveys will involve heavy machinery and trial holes.

As part of the design process, we have a range of surveys to conduct which will enable us to fit initial ideas and sketches to the exact circumstances of the site.

These surveys are quite normal in such circumstances and will look at matters such as:

  • Drainage and flood risk – to ensure the development does not adversely affect residents.
  • The structure of the ground – to assist with foundation design
  • The contours of the site – to help with design and landscaping
  • Views across the site – to help design reduce the visual impact of the development on neighbours
  • Air quality
  • Noise and acoustics – to establish current levels and assist with detailed design to ensure residents are not adversely affected
  • Ecology – to help with the assessment of existing habitat, wildlife, flora and fauna and to assist in the design of possible mitigation measures to safeguard local ecology
  • Trees – to assess the quality of the local trees and their location in respect of new development
  • Archaeology – to establish if any historic structures are present

Attention is focusing on the land south of Horley and west of Balcombe Road. It is bounded by the railway line to the west, Airport Way to the south and Balcombe Road to the east. The northern part of this land could be left undeveloped and with improved community access.

Reigate & Banstead Borough Council has liaised, as necessary, before these surveys with the land owners and their tenants.

The joint venture partners are keen to emphasise that these surveys are not in any sense the start of construction and that the land being investigated is not necessarily the land that would be developed.